5 Tasks That You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

You, as the busy business owner desperately wants to gain more time back in your busy day. You want to dream and plan for the year ahead and set goals into place for the New Year.

Why not outsource some tasks to a Virtual Assistant?

You don’t need to pay sick pay, holidays or taxes. They are also not personal secretaries and ultimately you get as much out of the Virtual Assistant/Client relationship as what you put in it.

They can meet with you via video calls or in person but they generally do not work in any kind of physical office. They might charge hourly or have package options based on your needs.

First, let’s briefly go over what a Virtual Assistant is. A Virtual Assistant is a business owner, just like you. Their primary goal is to help you gain success in your business and to help the business grow! A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor. They are dependable and hardworking otherwise they would not be in business to help serve you. A fabulous Virtual Assistant will work side by side with you to complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Forming a client bond is very important for both parties involved.

Here’s a couple of the main things you should consider outsourcing to a VA:


As a Business Owner, you probably have tons of audio and video content that would be great to repurpose into blogs, emails, newsletters and social media posts. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could hand those recordings over to somebody and then they can transcribe them for you and repurpose them into all different kinds of content? That is what a Virtual Assistant can do! Speech Recognition Technology doesn’t even come close to deciphering multiple speakers or the nuances of the English language.

Email Management

Keeping up to date with all those Emails is a task that we all can get very overwhelmed with. With proper communication to your Virtual Assistant, they can remove junk email, flag what you need to respond to and organize emails in folders. Tasks like this can help you focus more on your current business goals and what needs to get accomplished. Virtual Assistants can write replies to emails on behalf of the Business Owner or as themselves. Ideally, an email inbox where everything is neatly organized and put into folders is fantastic, however even in as little as 20 minutes per day a Virtual Assistant can help you be more focused, be more on task and spend time properly growing your business rather than sorting through junk emails.

Sales and Marketing Research

A Virtual Assistant will give you time back by researching services or products that are relevant to your business. If, for instance, you want to set up a new gym, you want to thoroughly research the competition in terms of features, pricing, and promotions before opening up your new gym doors. An example would be to search through competitors websites and see what type of fitness classes they offer, and see what their target market is. Do they offer a variety of yoga classes or tons of boot camp classes? A Virtual Assistant can do all of that research for you. They can put everything side by side in a slide deck, tie it up in a pretty little bow and present it to you. All you would have to do it go through the product/research information and decide how to best go through with your service or product.

Email Newsletters

One way to make sure that there is regular consistent communication between Business Owners and their Customers is through regular email newsletters. It is wise to send out regular newsletters with updates about your business, promotions, resources, new offers or any other type of information you would like to share. Virtual Assistants are awesome at organizing, content creation, and sending out newsletters on time.

Social Media Management

I saved the best for last! Virtual Assistants are constantly updating their skill set on the latest know how’s of social media. It can be a tedious task, however, a virtual assistant can schedule your posts for the week or for the month. If you a regular blogger, for instance, a Virtual Assistant can pull information and create graphics and organize them for you as per relevance of the topic discussed.

It is important to distinguish the difference between social media management and social media marketing. Managing is very different than marketing. Social media marketing is focused on brand development, and thereby figuring out who the client’s target audience is.  Putting a plan and a strategy into place is also part of social media marketing.

When a VA does social media management, the marketing strategy is already put into place by the Business Owner.  Instructions are given to the VA on who the target audience is and there is clear communication on what the marketing plan is. This helps accomplish ideal social media interactions.  A VA can offer advice on which social media platform is best, and can help you out that way. A VA will assist you in creating, scheduling posts, sharing and engaging on your social media channels. You would need to hire a social media marketer for advice on your social media strategy.

Imagine the possibilities, a Virtual Assistant can help turn your business into a greater success than it already is!

More blog posts about what a Virtual Assistant does, and how fabulous we are is coming soon.